Business Idea: House Cleaning


You will be working for someone once a week, probably for a few hours for that day and getting paid for it!

Step aside Cinderella, house cleaning is for those who want to be paid. Sure, you could work for any hotel, motel, inn, lodge, etc. However, why would you want to do that? You would get low pay and have to clean up some nasty stuff, day in and day out. Doesn’t sound like fun, does it? For those who have kids know that they could just stay home and do that, saving on babysitters and gas prices.

No, you want to make excellent money, work few hours and be a wealthy Cinderella. Yeah, we are changing the story! Work for yourself, create a business or become self-employed. Whatever works for you. If you love to clean and know how to do it well, you will have no problem in this business. First, you will need clients.

Place ads in the classifieds sections of all the newspapers in towns nearby that have many wealthy residents. You are bound to get some calls, at least one. Use your own cleaning supplies, and get something to carry them in easily. Next, you will need to set your fee per hour. Most people who clean other’s homes make anywhere between $10 – $25 an hour, depending on experience and skill. Some make even more. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. If you are really great and a few clients love your work, you won’t have to market yourself much longer. Word of mouth in this business is a miracle worker. Your clients will be talking to other wealthy people, and recommend you to all of their friends and family.

After getting in with a few clients, you shouldn’t need to market yourself. However, if you have too much free time and want many more clients, market away! This business of being a lucrative Cinderella is wonderful, open, practically waiting for people like you to grab on and join in the field.

You can leave it at just working alone, or you could add another person – a partner. You would split the fees, but have some help when you need it. You could even take it further and become an entrepreneur. Set up a cleaning business. Have people work for you.


There are many opportunities in the cleaning business field, and they are all out there waiting for talented, happy cleaners!