Business Idea: Foot Massages


foot-740206_960_7201Our feet are always subjected to various exposures and stresses due to the various exercises we use them for. We walk every single day and in all these times, our feet take the pressure from our bodies and try to stay strong for us so that we do not fall. This is why it is not surprising that we feel pain in our feet from time to time.  Sore feet are a fact of life. People are always looking for someone to massage and care for their sore feet. Nothing feels better after a long day of work than getting a nice foot massage.

Often times people have serious foot injuries such as plantar fasciitisheel spurs or other foot pain. These people need special foot attention on a daily basis. Plantar fasciitis is a very common foot condition found all over the world. Plantar fasciitis is easy to get from walking too much in bad shoes or running and jogging. These are the people that you need to target!

Giving a foot massage is easy. First off be sure to wash the client’s feet in a small tub. If you are going house to house add a small basin to your tool set and carry it with you at all times. Let’s face it, feet stink and you don’t want to offend your customers! Simply say that it is standard procedure to start off with a relaxing foot wash.

After your client’s feet are cleaned have them sit down in a comfortable chair. If you are using a foot stool make sure to cover it to keep it from getting dirt or massage oil on it.

There are many massage oils on the market and some are made specifically for foot massages. Be sure to go to a beauty supply store and pick out a few massage oils. Ask someone that works there if they have any recommendations. I would also pick some highly reviewed ones offline and put in an order.

Be sure to warm up the massage oil beforehand to make your client more comfortable.

To give a good foot massage you must learn a few massage techniques. Here are a few tips:

  1. Hold the person’s foot in both hands and begin massaging the sole with both thumbs.
  2. Alternate the pressure and position of your thumbs along the sole of their foot.
  3. If they have a foot issue like plantar fasciitis be sure to be gentle and ask where any sore spots are located.
  4. Focus on the heel of the foot. This is a sore spot that needs lots of attention.
  5. Be sure to massage the ankle bones. This is an are that is often neglected! The heel bones have an important job in the workings of our feet and often can become sore or carry stress.
  6. Use your fist to push up into the sole of the foot. Gently move your fist up and down, back and forth. Don’t be afraid to dig in there!
  7. Massage each and every toe. Using your thumb and index finger pinch each toe near its base and pull up towards the toenail. Wiggle your fingers back and forth as you do this.
  8. Use a “milking stroke” down the entire foot. Hold the client’s foot upright and pull down their foot towards their toes.
  9. Don’t forget to use enough massage oil! A dry massage can feel good, but usually, some oil really helps in the massage experience. Make sure you ask your clients ahead of time which they would prefer.

There you have it! Giving a foot massage is an easy and great way to earn some extra cash. Put up flyers in your neighborhood, advertise on craigslist and social networks to gain clients. You can usually charge around 50-60 dollars an hour and make great money!